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How we help you grow your business with

LinkedIn lead generation

Uncover hidden revenue

Implementing LinkedIn lead generation is a new way of generating revenue through a

powerful channel.

If you’re in the business of finding new clients or customers, your job will be a lot easier if you take advantage of the wealth of data and potential customers on this network. Learn how we get leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator below.

Prospects can see your profile 

Transparency in sales generates a trusting relationship.

In a world where online attention spans are diminishing, visual communication and credibility is an increasingly effective solution to stand out. Your LinkedIn profile is often the first impression for the prospect you’re connecting with. It gives them a simple understanding of your character as well as the value you can offer to them.

At LionShareAI, we help you to evaluate your current profile and suggest ways for you to make improvements that speak to the value you can add to your future prospects.

Your LinkedIn profile may provide the validation a lead needs to more forward with a phone call. 

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Focus on your niche sales target or ICP

Only talk to leads who will actually be interested in talking to you.

Social networks hold a lot of personal data. The key is to think about who your current clients are, and determine what they have in common.

With simplified targeting, you can go as broad or as narrow as you want and we help you pinpoint those small commonalities between your best customers.

Why? Because if you don’t target the right people, it doesn’t matter how great your messages or sales strategies are, you won't be happy with your leads from LinkedIn because they are ultimately not your target. 

Personal conversations matter

Create a conversation that offers value to both you, and your prospects.

The point (and benefit) of LinkedIn lead generation is to in fact, be social! It’s a truly unique way to strike a conversation with a potential prospect and then convert them to a sales qualified lead who wants to talk to you.

We’re experts in creating outreach that is social, genuine and conversational. Remember, you’re talking to real people, and we want the experience to be good on your end and theirs.


Your time is money

LinkedIn lead generation is a

numbers game.

Automation will drive your success.

You might think a LinkedIn lead generation strategy will take a lot of time to implement on your own - and you’re right - but we make it easy.

Our in-house Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool does the hard work for you.  We automate engagement of your personalized messages to your custom target, and then categorize the responses based on who is interested in talking to you. Using A.I., we line up leads from LinkedIn and appointments for you steadily throughout the month. We help you save time so you can focus on what you’re good at - closing deals.  

Market leaders in LinkedIn lead generation

Uncover hidden revenue for your pipeline

We support you with an entire team of experts

Want to grow your business? Speak with an expert today.

At LionShare Partners, we are more than just LinkedIn automation software. We partner with you to maximize authentic human connections for revenue growth. B2B sales and marketing is changing, finding new customers is getting harder. Make your LinkedIn automation as authentic as you are and start seeing results, tomorrow.

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