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Founder & CEO

Head of Revenue Operations


Tel:  +1 484-431-1989

Brandon started his first business while earning a degree in Economics at Yale University. The business, Yale Student Laundry (YSL), provided laundry services to students and faculty. At its peak, YSL had 20 employees, two locations and several revenue streams including outsourced services, facility management, and retail supplies. Upon graduating from Yale with high honors, Brandon sold his interest in YSL back to the university and accepted a role as a Project Manager for a Baltimore-based real estate development firm, Union Box Company (UBC). At UBC, Brandon represented a group of private investors and an equity fund on a 2,000 acre land development venture in Costa Rica. During his tenure, Brandon traveled frequently to Central America, spearheading projects on infrastructure, planning, design, permitting, and financial modeling. In 2009, due to distress in the financial markets, the Costa Rica project was put on hold.

In 2010, Brandon left UBC to start his own company, Urban Hanger. He leveraged the network he had developed in the real estate community, prior knowledge of the laundry industry, and his affinity for technology to become the leading valet laundry service in the region within two years. From there, Brandon expanded his business to focus on an industry segment he recognized was poised for greater long term growth--outsourced commercial linen for large hotels. In 2013, through a multi-million dollar leveraged buyout, his company acquired a major competitor in the region, Commercial Laundry Corporation (CLC).

Since 2013, Brandon has served as the managing partner and CEO of CLC, one of the largest hospitality laundry providers in the mid-Atlantic. During his tenure, Brandon has secured multiple SBA and conventional loans, spearheaded multi-million dollar facility upgrades, and provided the overall strategic leadership for the company.  The most recent project, completed in February 2020,  includes a $4M investment to transform CLC's operating model from labor driven to technology focused. In addition to his role at CLC, over the last decade, Brandon has been an active real estate investor through his company, BLR Real Estate Holdings. BLR's portfolio includes mixed use, residential, industrial, and commercial properties. 

In 2020, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, CLC like so many businesses, experienced a significant downturn in volumes. Utilizing his skills in financial modeling and analytical aptitude,  Brandon was able to make timely decisions to adapt his operation and secure his company's long term future. CLC obtained a combination of loans and grants (over and above the PPP and EIDL loans being sought by most businesses). During this time period, several small businesses within Brandon's network sought his guidance. After successfully helping these companies, Brandon determined his skillset could be a resource to help other businesses achieve their goals. In April 2020, Brandon launched his firm, LionShare Partners (LSP). LSP's primary areas of expertise include: strategic planning, financial and cash flow forecasting, merger and acquisition advisory, utilization of technology, and operational analysis. Brandon's diverse background, intellectual capacity, and firsthand experience as a business owner and entrepreneur give him a unique ability to synthesize information and make impactful recommendations.

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